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Many companies that aim to expand their business and reach new markets believe the key to unlocking the hearts of a new audience is simply a good marketing translation. Some companies even believe leaving the website in English will work just fine. After all, doesn't nearly everyone understand English? 

Think again. 

Language transcreation allows businesses to speak directly to new markets, creating an unbreakable bond with their new audience. There's just something about going next level and providing content, adjusting your product and brand image not just to the customers' native tongue, but to the cultural background as well. As language experts with hundred of successful transcreation projects behind us, we've experienced first-hand how adding a transcreation service to your global marketing strategy can impact a company’s success as you journey into a new market. 

So, in this article, we'll cover all-things transcreation starting from transcreation methods and how transcreation differs from translation and localization, to why it matters for your business. We'll also explain the transcreation process here at Language Inspired and what you as a client can expect when working with us. Without further ado, let's speak linguistics! 

What is transcreation? 

Transcreation is the process of changing a text and messaging to recreate it to another target market and make its meaning culturally appropriate. Transcreation is way more in-depth than translation and goes even further than localization, adapting idioms, phrasing, and other linguistic nuances, but maintaining the original concept, emotion, and intent. As a result, transcreation can be considered “creative translation.”

Various transcreation methods can be used. For example, the original text is often completely transformed because linguists know – what was written for one target segment will not resonate with another audience. 

Transcreation also includes a great deal of creativity and creative copywriting in the target language. As a result, transcreation specialists will very often be copywriters, not translators, and will offer their creative input and cultural knowledge to create transcreation content that resonates within a new region. 

But it's not just the text that can change. Language transcreation agencies can also advise their customers about adjusting the look and feel of creative assets and campaigns. In a way, transcreation can also mean re-branding your business to better resonate with the target market. 

Overall, here are the main differences between transcreation vs. translation vs. localization:

  • Transcreation vs. translation. Transcreation is about re-creating the original content and capturing the brand voice and “feel” in other languages while translation means finding the exact equivalent in another language. In a way, transcreation combines both marketing translation and creation, and as a result, new transcreation content is born. 

  • Transcreation vs. localization. Based on the complexity and the degree of translation, localization lies somewhere in between traditional translation and transcreation. Localization goes beyond the word-for-word conversion of traditional translation and instead uses language that resonates within specific markets. It also goes beyond word choice and can affect how your website presents information and is designed (colors, pricing, images, etc.). While localization may change the original text slightly, transcreation customizes and re-creates the content completely to fit the unique style of the target audience. 

Transcreation in marketing is super important, as slogans and other types of marketing content are nearly impossible to translate literally. The same goes for transcreation in advertising, art and entertainment, video gaming, e-commerce, and many more industries. 

No matter what your field, there are many different ways your business can benefit by adding transcreation as your go-to tool in your global marketing strategy. Your product or service will appear as if it was created specifically for the target market, not adapted to it. The emotional intent of your messaging will not be lost in translation. You'll sound like a local and stand out among your competitors. You'll also be able to reach the audience and social groups that don't speak English or haven't honed their Googling skills, and simply don't search for products in English online.  

Sounds like transcreation is something that can take your business to the next level? Keep on reading to find out about the Language Inspired approach to transcreation.

How transcreation service works at Language Inspired

We believe that transcreation is like branding your business from anew in the target market of your choice. To achieve the best results, we always keep the client in the loop of communication and 100% aware of what's going on throughout the entire transcreation journey. 

Here's how transcreation works at Language Inspired: 

  1. Getting to know the client. We start with understanding the client, their needs, and take time to find the right way to personalize their transcreation journey. We don't believe in universal answers – we customize our approach for each transcreation project.

  2. Creative brief. While translation starts with understanding the source text, the starting point for transcreation is a creative brief. A transcreation brief is more detailed than a localization brief and should include clearer ideas of the creative concept, as well as the desired emotion you'd like to trigger with the copy. 

  3. Picking out the team. We pick the most suitable transcreation specialists for every client based on their knowledge and interest within the specific field. We're also a remote-first team, which means all linguists are native-speakers based in the region where people speak the target language or even dialect of the project. It's paramount that our transcreation specialists are professionals in the linguistic and cultural features of the target language. 

  4. The work begins. We create the first draft including a variety of creative options for slogans, text, and other assets for the client to choose from. Once the client picks the right direction, the brand transcreation journey has begun.  

What's next?

Transcreation is the best option for you and your business if you want to create an authentic experience for your audience no matter their location. By choosing brand transcreation, you combine the best of both worlds – translation and creation. 

Language Inspired covers more than 30 industries, and we have been the trusted language service provider for over 2000+ clients. From early startups to large enterprises, our clients have a portfolio of over 200+ languages. 

Contact us and learn more about how we can help your business attain the best results through transcreation. 

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