Tap into the Benefits of AI Translation Post-Editing (With FAQs)

Recent industry reports indicate a remarkable surge in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Translation (MT) solutions, emphasizing the crucial role of AI-driven processes to maximize turnaround times while enhancing consistency across multilingual content.

At Language Inspired, we’re at the forefront of the AI-powered market shift. That’s why we are proud to launch our AI Translation Post-Editing (AITPE) Services, a leading global localization solution that combines the power of AI with our carefully-assembled team of expert human linguists. With AITPE, we elevate your translation workflow to unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy. But what is AITPE? And what’s in it for you? In this article, you’ll learn more about how AITPE it can boost the business outcomes of your international localization strategy.

What is AI Translation Post-Editing (AITPE)

Welcome to the realm of AI-enabled and human-refined translations! In a nutshell, AI Translation Post-Editing (AITPE) by Language Inspired consists of boosting and polishing content that has been initially generated or translated by artificial intelligence or machine learning models, which may involve text created or translated by AI.

AITPE can be used for a wide range of texts and industries, including, but not limited to:

Integrating AI Translation Post-Editing with Your Own AI Models

In case you are worried about the potential risks of integrating AITPE with your company systems, our integration process is designed to help you effortlessly blend your current translation tools with our AI Translation Post-Editing Services for a unified solution in refining content.

Here’s a summary of one of our recent use cases, in the words of Lāsma Dmuhovska - Client Solutions Specialist at Language Inspired:

With the boom of AI and related functionality, being introduced in existing software products, we’ve undeniably also felt the increased interest from our clients in utilizing its perks when localizing.

As an example, a client has been training and applying their own AI model to translate, in a rather genius way, their software product strings, ensuring a higher-than-typical level of contextual accuracy in the raw output. However, as they were scaling, they determined that additional support was needed for their in-house workflow due to lack of resources supporting and validating the AI-made translations.

We are now crafting a workflow where we can continue applying their unique AI approach but also have a centralized set-up and additional support from our expert linguists, merging the best of both worlds for the ultimate result.”

5 Reasons to Choose our AI Post-Editing Services

In today's rapidly evolving translation landscape, integrating AI Post-Editing into your workflow is a game-changer. Here's why it's essential for your organization:

1. Double the speed to market

Accelerate product launch times through rapid deployment of localized content, all while ensuring your brand message strikes a chord with local customers. Our AITPE Services enable faster market penetration thanks to a reduction of 70% in turn-around times.

2. Maintain Brand Consistency

It takes years to build a reputation, and only a few minutes to ruin it. Ensure your brand identity is always perceived as one and the same across markets, languages, and platforms by maintaining uniformity on all of your translated content. Our rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) checks ensure consistency in tone of voice, style, and terminology, bolstering brand integrity and customer trust.

3. Leverage our ISO-Compliant Streamlined Workflows

Take your localization process a step beyond the traditional TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading) methods. Streamline your content production process by adopting AI Translation Post-Editing, the full-scale language service that builds on ISO 18587:2017 standards. This approach reduces manual intervention while boosting overall quality, ultimately saving your organization time and costs.

4. Harness Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness

Leverage the best of both worlds with AI-powered language solutions that meet the expert human touch, every word of the way. By reducing the need for internal editing and proofreading, you’ll empower your teams to focus on their strengths and minimize overhead costs — all while enhancing your ROI and profitability over time.

5. Experience Seamless Integration

Harmonize your translations effortlessly by combining your existing AI Translation tools with our AI Translation Post-Editing Services, ensuring continuous localization while creating a comprehensive solution for refining content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AI translation?

AI translation is the automated process of converting text from one language to another using artificial intelligence technology. It uses algorithms and neural networks to convert text between languages, all while aiming to bridge language barriers efficiently.

2. How good is AI translation?

AI translation has made significant advancements in recent years and can produce reasonably accurate translations for many text types. However, its accuracy, relevance and flow can vary depending on several factors, such as language pair, context complexity, and training data. Here’s where AI Post-Editing can truly make a difference, as human post-editing can improve the accuracy of AI-translated content, especially for sensitive or complex texts where precision is crucial.

3. How does AI Post-Editing work?

Our AITPE process follows strict standards to refine machine-translated text for accuracy and fluency. Human editors use their domain-specific knowledge to enhance the content to meet your needs, ensuring cultural appropriateness and error-free translations. With our efficient approach, you receive high-quality translations that align perfectly with your expectations.

4. What are the most popular AI localization capabilities?

Here are three highly popular AI localization capabilities available in the market are Machine Translation (MT), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Text Analysis. Check out our article on The Current State of AI Capabilities in Localization for a more comprehensive description.

5. What should I consider when choosing a Language Service Provider?

When searching for a Language Service Provider Partner (LSPP) to manage your company's translation and localization needs, we recommend considering the LSPP’s level of expertise and specialization, their Quality Assurance processes, their success stories, and their technology and tools. Additionally, at Language Inspired we believe that every business is unique. That’s why we like to embark on a personalized localization journey with our clients, providing each organization with a tailor-made localization strategy that combines AI-powered solutions with the added value of human expertise.

→ Engage with local customers and scale globally

Ready to revolutionize your translation workflow while ensuring content compliance and brand excellence? Contact us to unlock the full potential of our AI Translation Post-Editing Services for your company’s international communications.


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